Kristin Blair

Old gypsy woman spoke to me said, "You're a wolf, boy, get out of this town."


You see, I have it all played out in my head.

I know what I will say,

how I will say it,

and what I will do immediately after.

I will tell you that I never “really” loved you,

and that we were “just kids” who

“didn’t know any better. “

I will look you straight in the eye without flinching,

 or tearing my nails,

or staring                                            at the tip of my shoes.

And then I will walk past you and forget that I saw you by the next city block.

But the “reality” in my head is a lot easier to digest than the


Reality that I will inevitably wake up to in the morning,

praying to god that it was not “just” a dream,

but rather

 a forth telling.

a déjà vu, only the “vu” hasn’t happened yet.

So that when I do see you one day,

I will tell you that I fall for you again,

and again each time I read your letters,

and lie in my bed,

and follow the familiar trails we’ve engraved in our memory.

I can only hope that yours lead to mine.


allow me to introduce you to some things made by zuhair murad


the guy who showed me it was indeed possible to fall in love with dresses

(via aphroditea)


do it for the donut (at Berlin Fair Grounds)


do it for the donut (at Berlin Fair Grounds)